Infotools Launches Mobile Data Alerts for its Software Platform, Harmoni

Infotools Harmoni, our leading cloud-based market research analysis and reporting platform has been enhanced with a new feature: Data alerts.

Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis solutions, today announced that its "data alerts" feature is now live for users of the Harmoni platform. When changes in data are worthy of urgent business attention and action, the feature immediately notifies the right stakeholders. Changes that spur alerts can include those that show significant changes and impact key performance indicators, exceptions, or breaks in data, as well as letting users know when new data is available, or when specific metrics are – or are not – met.

"This newest feature provides a proactive approach to monitoring data so that our clients don't have to take time away from strategic thinking and data exploration. It provides peace of mind that the day-to-day issues are covered automatically, eliminating the need to check performance manually," said Johan van Kuyk, Director of Product at Infotools. "If anything 'newsworthy' happens, they'll be alerted."

The alerts are customizable by the user. For example, senior management can have top-line trends, and KPI updates pushed to their mobile devices, giving them a constant up-to-date overview. Users are then able to click through to dashboards from their mobile devices or visit the full analysis tool on their workstations. Future releases target machine-generated text and audio-commentary of these alerts as well as descriptions of significant trends.

Infotools Harmoni is a cloud-based software platform purpose-built for market research data – from data processing through to analysis, reporting, visualization, dashboarding, distribution, and data alerts. It is data agnostic and supports a wide range of other data sources such as SQL, SPSS, Excel, CSV, tab-delimited files as well as live API connections to leading data collection platforms. The platform harmonizes data from multiple sources into one usable data set, using the power of automation and machine learning, along with extensive domain expertise. The result is real-time insights based on the very latest available data, presented and shared through advanced reporting, dashboards, and storytelling capabilities.

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