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Harmoni thrives in the insights world because it is built, maintained, and supported by a team with extensive experience in market research.

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Like digital natives, market research is second nature to us. There's not much that surprises us when it comes to generating insights from market research data. And not much that can sway our passion for understanding consumers.

We've been partnering with the world's leading brands, augmenting their teams with powerful insights analytics and reporting technology for over three decades.

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Helping insights teams build global brands.

It's not uncommon for us at Infotools to celebrate anniversaries of 20+ years. Why's that? Once a market researcher, always a market researcher.

Our culture and differentiating approach to discovering insights is so addictive that our people (and clients for that matter) don't want to leave. After all, when you're onto a winner, why would you?


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Many of us at Infotools, the team behind Harmoni, are actively involved in the market research and insights industry around the world. We know the ins and outs of market research, so are well placed to help meet the needs of our fellow peers in the market research world. 
Geoff Lowe is the Chair of the Research Association New Zealand. Geoff is also one of the ESOMAR representatives for New Zealand. Horst Feldhaeuser is a mentor at TRS (The Research Society) and WIRe (Women in Research - alongside Geoff and Keri Vermaak), and was previously the chair of TRS NSW branch.

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