Smart analysis software for customer satisfaction studies

Harmoni is a market-leading tool for gaining a deeper understanding of your customers: what makes them happy and how to make them happier.

Smart analysis for customer satisfaction studies

Empower data-driven stakeholders

Software like Harmoni democratizes specialist activities like complex data analysis. As market researchers often need to analyze at a respondent level, many generic data analysis tools are out of the picture since they opt for aggregated analyses. Harmoni is purpose-built analysis software for customer satisfaction studies, which can help empower your data-savvy stakeholders, who are continuously seeking that competitive edge.
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Easily identify opportunities to improve customer satisfaction

Customers today have high expectations, desiring targeted and personalized experiences with every encounter. They want to be recognized as individuals with their own needs and wants. The only way you can accomplish this is with holistic customer data at your fingertips, and a system that quickly and intuitively brings the most important insights to the surface.

Seamlessly connect consumer data for holistic insights

The days when a survey questionnaire gave us all the information we needed about our consumers are long gone. Instead, we must find ways to connect traditional types of market research with other touchpoints: manufacturing, sales, media, social media, customer feedback, transaction data and more. Harmoni brings it all together so you can make decisions based on the whole picture of your complex audience.

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AI-powered text analytics gives greater understanding

People have a lot to say these days, and they’re saying it online in various ways via a variety of platforms. Gathering all this fragmented, but essential, information relating to your brand can seem overwhelming. Tapping into the power of artificial intelligence, the team at Infotools can help you process massive amounts of text data, like that which comes from social media posts or customer reviews.

Understand the nuances in your customer profile

Consumers are constantly changing. You can’t afford to wait for insights, and delays are inevitable with manual, clunky, time-consuming and expensive analysis and reporting methods, like static crosstab reports. Harmoni uses the power of automation to bring all your customer data together, so you can find trends and profile audience groups much faster. Smart analysis tools and a user-friendly interface provide real-time insights based on the latest available data, presented and shared through advanced reporting, dashboards and storytelling capabilities.

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Take learnings from one customer to the next

Once you’ve integrated your consumer/customer data with your market research data and other available data, why not reverse engineer your findings to the rest of your customer database? When you find out what your customers say on social media, what they have shared in customer feedback, and how they respond to surveys, you can apply those research findings to your remaining customers that have not been surveyed.

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