Combine multiple data sources

Integrate both market research and non-market research data in Harmoni to uncover holistic insights and even greater understanding of consumers and markets that matter most.

Combine multiple data sources with Harmoni, a data analysis and reporting platform for market researhers

The right tool should help, not hallucinate.  

Even a hint of a hallucination can be wildly damaging to your team's credibility. So, whatever you're needing to achieve, pays to pay attention to the fundamentals - like using the right tool for the job. Harmoni is built upon a respondent-level analysis engine that has been tried and tested for decades. It also has the latest technology plugged into it, and a comprehensive development plan with further AI, data quality, privacy and security, speed, and analysis enhancements, and UX/UI improvements.
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Examine your consumer audience, in context

Your consumers are complex as they are making decisions based on a vast number of preferences. Bring your consumer data together in one place with a smart system that works with you to intelligently combine common variables. View your audience holistically and use ALL the data to inform your decisions.

Update integrated data dynamically

Does your primary research, business intelligence, third-party, and other vital data remain siloed and static? Bring it together seamlessly, and update it continuously with new waves of data, irrespective of the source. Never make a decision based on outdated or incomplete data again.

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Interrogate and analyze all your data

When all your data streams are combined in a single location, you can properly analyze and interrogate the data to find comprehensive insights. Harmoni was built for complex analysis, providing a streamlined, elegant solution for answering business questions - using all your data sets, together.

Fully integrated, easily accessible insights

The power of your insights lies in your ability to share them with decision-makers. Harmoni is cloud-based with interactive dashboards that allow you to visualize and share insights. You can be sure all the critical data is reflected when you need to deliver answers to pressing business questions.

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Guiding your insights team into an agile insights generation approach?