Experts in market research analysis and reporting


Augment your insights team with our highly experienced market research data experts, who can help you extract extra value from your market research data investment. This gives your insights team more space to think.


Skilled resources to increase your ROI

Our survey data experts are incredibly efficient in setting up projects and solving complex shaping and integration challenges. This means your team is free to focus its energy and curiosity on generating insights.

We're also well versed in navigating the complexities and challenges that surface in market research projects from time to time, especially in large, multi-market tracking studies. 

Data shaping services

Our expert team uploads data from SPSS, MDD/DDF, Qualtrics, etc., creates data trees and constructions, plus labels and organizes data. This shapes complex datasets into the best state for producing accurate insights.

Data investigation services

Enjoying long-term insights careers, our knowledgeable services team help action takers produce and deliver quantitative analyses that mine the depths of data for insights gold.

Sharing & reporting services

We've worked with the world's leading brands for over 32 years. Our experience in distilling huge data sets into captivating stories and dashboards to support decisions is virtually unrivaled.

Samsung transforms its approach to consumer insights with Harmoni

In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, there’s no time to lose when it comes to understanding consumer behavior. That’s why Samsung knew it had to find a better, technology-driven way to speed up its time to insights.

Looking to move toward an agile approach to analyzing your market research data and generating insights?