Leading analysis software for brand tracking studies

Trust the monitoring of your brand's health with Harmoni, our time-tested, purpose-built market research data analysis and reporting software.

Empower data-driven stakeholders

Software like Harmoni democratizes specialist activities like complex data analysis. As market researchers often need to analyze at a respondent level, many generic data analysis tools are out of the picture since they opt for aggregated analyses. Harmoni is purpose-built analysis software for brand and advertising tracking studies, helping to empower your data-savvy stakeholders, who are continuously seeking that competitive edge.
Harmoni brand tracker analysis software for healthcare and cosmetics

Track your most important brand health metrics

Ensure your brand is in on the right path by tracking the measures that matter using customized, interactive dashboards. Easy sharing among team members and intuitive drill-down functionality means everyone can see the view they care about the most.

Automated reports that show the latest data

Outdated insights are no good to anyone, and that’s why you need reporting that is updated as new data comes in. And data is pouring in all the time as digital transformation accelerates. Harmoni always presents the latest available data, so when you ask questions on brand performance or brand health tracking, you get answers based on the most up-to-date information.

Harmoni brand tracker analysis software for confectionary and FMCG
Harmoni brand tracker analysis software for technology

Quick and easy filtering for your BHT projects

At any point in the flow from data to delivery in Harmoni, you can focus on the groups you care about most via interlaced filters. Analysts with higher levels of access can create any filter they like for themselves and for those who will view the stories and dashboards they create.

Collaborate and keep
it under control

Teamwork is at the heart of any good insights program, but managers often need more control over who has access to what for each project (think multi-region, multi-brands etc.). Using just a few simple clicks, including global filters, you can update permissions inside Harmoni to provide varying levels of access for each user. This helps maintain the integrity of the data and create a more controlled environment while still maintaining a team-focused approach to insights.

Harmoni brand tracker analysis software for automobile and energy
Harmoni brand tracker analysis software for streaming and entertainment

Quality assurance for quality outcomes

When juggling many products, many markets, and multiple marketing and market research agencies, you can run into data quality consistency issues. We act as your data custodian, protecting the integrity of market research projects and the quality of the data. This can include monitoring processes, checking fieldwork accuracy, and reviewing outcomes to ensure there are no data anomalies.

Seamlessly connect your data collection software

Speed up your workflow by tapping into the power of Infotools’ existing live APIs with leading data collection platforms, such as FocusVision Decipher, Voxco, Askia, SurveyMonkey and many others. Benefit from real-time data updates as participants complete surveys, keep data intact with a native connection, and eliminate time-consuming data imports, exports and copying.

Harmoni brand tracker analysis software for food and beverage

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