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A powerful technology solution for market research data analysis that lets insights teams spend more time interrogating and less time waiting for data cuts and third parties.

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The right tool should help, not hallucinate.  

Even a hint of a hallucination can be wildly damaging to your team's credibility. So, whatever you're needing to achieve, pays to pay attention to the fundamentals - like using the right tool for the job. Harmoni is built upon a respondent-level analysis engine that has been tried and tested for decades. It also has the latest technology plugged into it, and a comprehensive development plan with further AI, data quality, privacy and security, speed, and analysis enhancements, and UX/UI improvements.
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Use built-in capabilities to analyze your data

Dig deep with technology that facilitates analysis and interaction with your data, so you can quickly generate insights. Easily accomplish tasks like examining weighted data, significance testing, processing multi-response questions, or building metrics on the fly by letting Harmoni’s statistically-based functionality do the heavy lifting.

Explore complex survey data with ease

Your audiences are complex, and so is their data. With Harmoni, you can examine and cross-reference data coming in from multi-layered, complicated survey questionnaires without time-consuming manual data preparation. Perform calculations against single or multiple reference groups, so you can quickly investigate patterns among groups and understand key variables in context.

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Compare and contrast important consumer groups

When you can profile audience groups that matter and compare them with others, you can often find unexpected and powerful stories in your data. Harmoni supports you by automatically bringing the most interesting findings to the surface, using the latest statistical testing to compare values from one target group to other groups.

Track changes over time

Harmoni makes it easy to keep an eye on your data, so you can see where you've been and where you are headed. Accessible, simple to navigate and beautiful reporting can help you track important data points.

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Guiding your insights team into an agile insights generation approach?