Samsung transforms its approach to consumer insights.

Samsung knew it had to find a better, technology-driven way to speed up its time to insights.

In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, there’s no time to lose when it comes to understanding consumer behavior. That’s why Samsung knew it had to find a better, technology-driven way to speed up its time to insights. This meant leaving behind the old manual, static methods of doing things, and taking a more dynamic approach to processing, analyzing, and reporting consumer data. 

By relying on Harmoni to digitally transform its approach to insights, the company could use automation and machine learning to streamline its entire process and better meet company goals. Team members were able to leave manual steps behind and access real-time insights based on the latest available data - presented and shared through advanced reporting, dashboards and storytelling capabilities.

In our new case study, Samanta Paulino, Sr. Manager Mobile Insights Capabilities, at Samsung said, “Infotools has brought state-of-the-art output to Samsung data and insights...Infotools has enabled Samsung to handle data in a much easier, faster way and become more independent from research vendors.” She also mentions how Infotools has helped them better share data among stakeholders and assist them through our consulting services and customer care. 

We’re proud that our work with Samsung allowed the company to bring its consumer insights processes to the next level. By using Harmoni, they are:

  • Saving both money and time, as research analysts can harvest insights quickly without engaging an outside agency for costly reports
  • Responding more quickly to executives’ questions by easily leveraging data within Harmoni
  • Generating more granular insights for shopper understanding
  • Providing greater accessibility to data and insights for decision-making

Harmoni provides a user-friendly interface for actively leveraging and harnessing data, which is just what Samsung has done. You can view the whole case study here

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