The Color of Transformation: An Orange success story

Find out how the Orange Market Research team revolutionized the way they deliver insights and put consumer insights at the heart of their business by making market research data engaging, dynamic and easy-to-use.

Today's consumers have high expectations and demands of their shopping experiences. Whether it's buying a mobile phone plan or festival tickets, customers expect a targeted and personalized experience with every encounter. To remain competitive, businesses must be armed with data—lots and lots of data—about their customers. More importantly, they must be able to leverage this data to anticipate their customers' needs and provide unique experiences at every interaction.

"The changes we've made have significantly increased the value we're to the business. We're contributing at a strategic level and playing a key role in important business decisions. It's what every research team is ultimately trying to do, isn't it?"

Russell King
Director of Group Brand & Customer Research

To support the business, Russell King, Director of Group Brand & Customer Experience Research, knew that his team would have to fundamentally transform how they delivered research insights to their stakeholders. Orange deals with these pressures in the hyper-competitive global telecommunications market. To start addressing these challenges, they launched a new brand strategy in 2015. It put customers front and center of their decision-making processes.

Read The Color of Transformation to discover how they:

  • Built a self-serve, interactive reporting, and analysis tool that was customized to meet the specific needs of their local teams.
  • Made their research data quick and easy to share, allowing stakeholders to keep customer feedback at the heart of their decision-making.
  • Brought real value to verbatims and open-ended questions.
  • Put themselves into key discussions to influence brand and customer experience strategy.
  • Refocused their budget to strategic analysis and input, delivering far greater value to the business.

In a world of ever-increasing customer expectations, Orange is giving itself a competitive advantage by delivering a high-value, high-quality and highly personalized experience. This 'human-first' approach is the vital driving force behind their most important business decisions. Through our work with the Market Research team, their stakeholders can now access rich data insights through dynamic, up-to-date displays. Gone are the days of 'looking in the rearview mirror' and working with stale data, presented in static and uninspiring slide decks and spreadsheets. Instead, they can get immediate answers to their questions and make strategic business decisions on the go.

Download our e-book to see how Russell and his team have revolutionized the way they deliver insights.

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