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The powerful market research analysis and reporting tool trusted by some of the world's largest insights teams from around world.

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Harmoni at a glance

Competitive advantages in the insights sector come from seeing things others can't. That's why Harmoni is built to meet the demanding needs of the ever-growing subset of truly data-driven business leaders, who leverage their domain expertise to enhance the overall insights generation process.

Harmoni has three types of user licenses: Creator, Explorer, and Viewer - which span from heavy data processing and shaping to simple, stakeholder access. Harmoni is also agency agnostic, which means you can process survey data from nearly any collection provider.

Prepare survey data for long-term use

Combine data from SPSS, Dimensions (MDD/DDF), Qualtrics, etc., create data trees and constructions, plus label and organize data. This shapes complex datasets into the best state for giving stakeholders what they value most - accurate insights.

Discover insights on your terms

Uncover deeper insights with Harmoni's collection of proven statistical pattern-finding tools. Say goodbye to waiting for new data cuts. Analyze respondent-level data with an intention of finding things out and building understanding. 

Collaborate toward deep understanding

Report on insights to stakeholders through live, interactive dashboards, emails, and alerts. Empower your organization to ensure rigorous understanding lands in the right place at the right time.

See Harmoni in action 

Trusted by many of the world's largest global insights teams for over 33 years

Brand and advertising tracking

Monitor the health of your brands and the effectiveness of your advertising with Harmoni’s comprehensive set of time-series tools.

Ensure your brand is on the right path by tracking the measures that matter most using customized, interactive dashboards. Easy sharing among team members and intuitive drill-down functionality means everyone sees what they care about the most. Plus, enrich your tracking studies with sales or other data for deeper analysis and business impact.  

Customer satisfaction

A market-leading tool for gaining a deeper understanding of your customers; what makes them happy and how to make them happier.

Customers today have high expectations, desiring targeted and personalized experiences with every encounter. They want to be recognized as individuals with their own needs and wants. The only way you can accomplish this is with holistic customer data at your fingertips, and a system that quickly and intuitively surfaces the most important insights.

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Empower stakeholder decision-making in your business by revolutionizing how you segment and build your top audience groups. 

Your audience is anything but homogenous. Profiling groups by size, demographics, financial potential or other characteristics can help you identify your most influential groups. You must also understand how your complex audience members feel and behave. Harmoni can help you uncover these insights to know exactly what to prioritize.

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Usage and attitude

Looking to understand a market, identify growth opportunities, or uncover connections between people's opinions and their usage? 

Choosing the right technology helps you explore and analyze U&A answers with confidence. Harmoni helps you see how your brand compares to others on important metrics like usage frequency, category and brand penetration, perceptions, usage behaviors, brand choice drives, and more.

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Sales tracking

Supercharge your market research data by combining it with your sales and transactional data, down to the SKU and respondent level.

Companies and brands have access to a huge number of data streams, and looking at each source in isolation doesn’t give the complete picture. Harmoni is data agnostic, integrating data from different sources and suppliers to fill the gaps in your consumer data, plus align consumer understanding with tangible business outcomes.

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Multi-level analysis

Processing power at your disposal to discover insights and examine relationships between people, multiple occasions per person, and multiple events per occasion.

Leave manual-heavy data preparation behind and quickly investigate relationships among data groups. Streamlining analysis and visualization of multi-level (hierarchical) survey data, Harmoni helps you quickly accomplish tasks such as exploring how respondent, occasion, and event-level data relate to one another.

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Here's what our customers say about us.

Don't just take our word for it

"The changes we've made thanks to Harmoni have significantly increased the value we offer the business. We're now contributing at a strategic level, playing a key role in important business decisions. It's what every research team is ultimately trying to do, isn't it? This has definitely raised the profile of our team."
Russell King
Research Director - Brand Performance & Strategy, Orange
“Within 20 minutes of using Harmoni, it was doing what we couldn’t do on our own across 16 files and over 135,000 records! Harmoni is an integral part of our Voice of the Customer Exploration, helping us make decisions based on real customer feedback and avoid time-consuming manual steps of analysis and reporting.”
Pamela Mittoo
Group Director - Global Technical Consumer Research, The Coca-Cola Company
“Infotools has brought state-of-the-art output to Samsung data and insights. Previous to that, we relied heavily on Tableau, traditional tables, and PowerPoint decks. Infotools has enabled Samsung to handle data in a much easier, faster way and become more independent from research vendors."
Samanta Paulino
Senior Manager Brand Mobile Insights - Senior Professional, Samsung

Guiding your insights team into an agile insights generation approach?

Harmoni by Infotools - market research investigation software

Reasons insights teams love using Harmoni

  • Be more responsive to stakeholder insights requests and follow-ups.
  • Extract more value out of existing market research and consumer data.
  • Streamline tasks to spend more time on data analysis.
  • Collaborate more confidently with comprehensive and holistic insights.
  • Increase your team's contribution to your organization's decision-making processes.