Harmoni overview

The powerful market research analysis and reporting tool trusted by some of the world's largest insights teams from around world.

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A high-level overview of Harmoni

Competitive advantages in the insights sector come from seeing things others can't. That's why Harmoni is built to meet the demanding needs of the ever-growing subset of truly data-driven business leaders, who leverage their domain expertise to enhance the overall insights generation process.

Harmoni has three types of user licenses Creator, Explorer, and Viewer, which span from heavy data processing and shaping to stakeholder access. Harmoni is also agency agnostic, which means you can processes survey data from nearly any collection provider.


Bring your data sources together in Harmoni to form one usable set. 

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An investigative approach for quickly discovering significant differences.

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Create 'stories' to give a complete picture of the insights you uncovered.

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Supply stakeholders with engaging, interactive, & customizable dashboards.

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Reasons insights teams love using Harmoni

> Reduce the time taken to present meaningful insights to business leaders.

> Combine multiple data sources to enrich your market research intelligence.

> Automate and streamline key tasks to spend more time analyzing data.

> Collaborate with confidence by presenting comprehensive and holistic insights.

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Harmoni in action

Check out our Harmoni functionality videos, plus our latest podcasts on YouTube now. 

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