Webinar: Uncovering insights faster with smarter analysis

Join us for a broadcast in partnership with #NewMR

This webinar broadcast in partnership with #NewMR took place on Tuesday, 05 November 2019

Faster insights with smarter analysis
In this session, we’ll be talking about how you can embrace technology, in a practical way, to deliver your research insights faster and more efficiently. Our traditional analysis processes often mean more manual effort than we need to put forth, and by using the right approach, you can speed things up. We’re excited to introduce Harmoni Discover, which will help you find stories in the data, easily profile groups that matter (and compare them with others), and deliver richer insights. 

Session Chair: Sue York
Presenters: Geoff Lowe & Johan van Kuyk from Infotools
View 'Faster Insights through Smarter Analysis' recording here

Five new paradigms for finding the insights
Traditional methods of analyzing data are beginning to fall short of the mark, as we enter a world where the assumptions of randomly collected, normally distributed, complete data are no longer valid. Join Geoff, Ray, and Sue as they discuss some of the newer paradigms such as Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, Augmented Intelligence, Quantitative Semiotics, and Causal Inference.

Roundtable discussion: Ray Poynter, Geoff Lowe & Sue York
View 'New Paradigms for Finding Insights' recording here

We’re proud to partner with #NewMR for this webinar to bring these important issues to light and further the discussion of how we can shift our thinking.


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