Is your market research platform fit for purpose? Video Series

Optimizing market research processes is within your reach.

We recently sat down and interviewed Infotools’ director Geoff Lowe to pick his brain about how market researchers can do their jobs faster and more effectively. In this series of videos, Geoff pulls from his decades of experience in the consumer insights industry - and common pain points for researchers - to help provide a pathway for navigating what is becoming a more and more complicated landscape. 

If you want quality insights faster, then check out these videos and Geoff’s practical advice for moving your business forward. 

Faster insights with a better tool

In the first video, Geoff expands on what makes a market research platform “fit for purpose.” Too often, market researchers try to make a business intelligence tool work on data that it is not explicitly made to process. Instead of spending precious time struggling with workarounds and extra steps, the right platform can help automate and optimize workflows. When you are working with a solution that understands market research data - and all its complications - it ultimately means fewer headaches, faster time to insights, and increased quality. 

One place to manage data and reduce errors

We have data coming in from so many different sources, and it is essential to have what Geoff calls a “single source of truth.” Using a platform that handles all the data, and maintains that data’s original integrity, allows you to eliminate many of the steps of the process that can cause errors. In this second video, Geoff dives into what it takes to adopt a solution like this while building confidence in the quality of data, reducing the scope for error and producing fast insights that stakeholders can trust.  

Make adopting new solutions a breeze

Changing to a new system can be difficult, as the learning curve can seem overwhelming in the face of tight deadlines and client demands. In this third video in our series, Geoff says: “we acknowledge that that is a challenge, and we work with people to overcome that challenge.” Because the Infotools’ team has a strong foundation in on-the-ground research, they understand this hurdle all too well. Geoff talks about specific ways to make adoption of new technology fit into existing processes, taking a step-by-step approach that causes little disruption to workflows and outputs. 

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