This medley goes out to the research & insights industry...

A quirky medley to celebrate everyone in the market research and insights industry. Enjoy!

I believe that as an industry, we need to celebrate ourselves and our work more often.  I came up with something a bit edgy and a little quirky (even if I say so myself). Thanks, Joaquim Bretcha, for randomly challenging me to do this.

Listen to the medley and see how many songs you can identify—bonus points for knowing the artists. 

It’s been a while since we last called you – to get your view

Do you have the time to talk to me for while
About nothing and everything all at once

And how would you feel, If I told you, we need you
It's about something that you do
I'm taking my time, spending the next 15 minutes (or maybe 25)
Finding out everything about you

Don't ask me what you already know
Don't want to tell you the same thing over and over again
I, I’ve already told you, all of my demographics, my preference, my choices
But you don’t seem to remember or care

Thanks for your assist, your input is a bliss
We take your data and babe, we analyse
What this really means, for services or jeans (or beans or teens)
We make the world a better place at least we try

I love PowerPoint……  (sorry, wrong audience)
I love Power BI or Tableau……  (yeah, nah)
I love Harmoni (that’s better)
So put another data source in it, baby

All this talk of being old-fashioned
It's getting me down my love
We have so much to give, to understand how people live
There’s really no-one else around
‘Cause we know how insights work
They make all the wheels turn
And I know we help to steer the train
Insights time, time for us to stand up and proud of what we do
Insights time, bring it all together, people, tech and you know who
I know that we love what we do, I know that we are really good at what we do
What we do

The world was on fire and needed answers, and no one could do it like you
It’s strange what desire to find out will make some people do
They will find out that to get useful answers you need to know how to ask
They will find out that insights is science and art
Now I want to praise all of you (this world needs our industry)
Now I want to praise all of you  (this world needs our industry)
For sure 

Data is made for this
Who am I to disagree?
Just want to get out and find some clarity
Everybody's looking for something

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh
Market research and insights are divine
I need my, I need my
Yes I need my data fix (can’t do without it not really)
Can have my, can have my, can I have my data fix please

Hey now all you Qualies put your hands up, put your hands up
Hey now all you Quanties put your hands up, put your hands up
Hey now all you Insight Consultant put your hands up, put your hands up
Hey now all you Tech & Field providers put your hands up, put your hands up
You are rock stars in our insights’ world
We wouldn’t be here without you

Ooh, ‘cause we love insights
Insights into action
Yes, we love insights
Insights to give you direction
All together now

'cause nothing compares
nothing compares to you


Song list

  1. It’s been a while, Staind
  2. Basket case, Green Day
  3. How do you feel, Ed Sheeran
  4. Never tear us apart, INXS
  5. I always remember us this way, Lady Gaga
  6. I love rock n’ roll, Joan Jett
  7. The drugs don’t work, Verve
  8. Closing time, Semisonic
  9. Wicked Game, Chris Isaak
  10. Sweet dreams, Eurythmics
  11. Pokerface, Lady Gaga
  12. Put your lights on, Santana
  13. Easy, Lionel Ritchie
  14. Nothing compares to U, Sinead O’Connor

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