The anatomy of a modern market research function with Victoria Sakal

In this episode of "Now That's Significant," host Michael Howard, head of marketing at Infotools, sits down with Victoria Sakal, head of growth at Wonder and GRIT Future List nominee. They dive into Wonder's recent "research on research" exploring the evolving landscape of market research in this modern AI world. Victoria shares how top research teams prioritize asking the right questions, framed effectively to ensure impactful outcomes. They also emphasize using a diverse research stack, blending primary, secondary, behavioral, and product data for a comprehensive understanding of their target audience. 

The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

High-performing research teams prioritize asking the right questions, recognizing that a well-framed inquiry is essential for driving impactful outcomes. This involves understanding stakeholders' needs and ensuring that questions are phrased correctly to elicit meaningful insights. By investing time in upfront clarification and refinement, researchers can avoid going down rabbit holes and ensure that their efforts align with strategic objectives.

Embracing a Diverse Research Stack

Successful research teams leverage a diverse research stack, recognizing that a blend of data sources is crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of their target audience. This includes incorporating primary research, secondary research, behavioral data, and product data. By combining these different perspectives, researchers can gain a more holistic view of consumer behavior and identify opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Maintaining a Healthy Research Cadence

Leading organizations maintain a healthy research cadence, balancing quick ad-hoc inquiries with ongoing monitoring and larger-scale projects. This allows them to stay agile and informed, addressing immediate needs while also keeping an eye on long-term trends. By incorporating a mix of research approaches, teams can ensure that they have the insights they need to make informed decisions at every stage of the product development lifecycle.

AI Tools are Transforming Research Workflows

AI tools are rapidly transforming research workflows, offering the potential to automate tasks, analyze data more efficiently, and uncover hidden patterns. However, researchers also express concerns about data privacy, accuracy, and the need for human oversight in analysis and decision-making. While AI can augment research capabilities, it's crucial to use these tools responsibly and ethically, ensuring that human expertise remains central to the process.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing are Crucial

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential for maximizing the impact of market research. By breaking down silos and fostering a culture of curiosity, organizations can empower teams to leverage insights effectively and drive better business decisions. This involves creating channels for sharing research findings, encouraging cross-functional collaboration, and promoting a data-driven mindset across the organization.

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