How can technology help overcome uncertainty?

Finding it hard to embrace all the uncertainty around us today? Our EVP John Bird recently wrote for Quirks, about how upheaval can bring us new opportunities and a new perspective. He emphasizes the role of technology in empowering researchers to navigate uncertainties and gain valuable insights. By adopting the right tools and approaches, insights professionals can take control of their research processes and uncover actionable strategies.

Market research is always evolving to keep up with the change around us, such as shifting consumer behaviors, evolving market dynamics, and technological advancements. Today, we are facing more global uncertainty, due to fallout from the pandemic and economic volatility. It’s an environment we’re used to in the insights space. John writes, “It’s times like these where market researchers can thrive, as we use data to alleviate that sense of unpredictability and doubt.”

Purpose-built technology can help. "Choosing the right technology is crucial to gaining control in an uncertain research landscape." By harnessing advanced research tools, marketers can access real-time data, gather insights, and make informed decisions. Technology empowers researchers to streamline processes, enhance data analysis, and uncover meaningful patterns that can drive strategies and business decisions.

The pandemic shone a bright light on the need to utilize technology effectively, as most of our lives moved into the digital realm (think Zoom, Slack, etc.). Companies and individuals that embraced new technology were able to successfully navigate the new reality. Market research also had to adapt, moving previously in-person activities - such as qualitative research - online. As uncertainty continues, insights teams need to do more with far less. This means smart use of technology that can "positively impact your workflow and all the daily tasks that accompany market research projects. Keeping speed, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and quality top-of-mind when you’re making your decision, plus the solution’s ability to handle the intricacies of market research data, are important considerations.”

John provides some advice on how to approach the process of implementing new systems, including AI tools. He writes, “There are many considerations when choosing the right technology but the bottom line is that you need to get the most out of your all-important data and minimize uncertainty…There is a reason innovative technology has blossomed during the upheaval of the past three years, and your market research technology choices today can help your team manage the storms ahead.”

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