Tackling the thorny issue of data integration

Infotools Account Services Manager Keri Vermaak shares her thoughts on integrating data for better outcomes.

Infotools account services manager Keri Vermaak shared her expertise on integrating data for better outcomes at the recent IIeX North America conference. Keri is passionate about this topic, and she elaborated on it in an article on RW Connect. Using a race car metaphor, she illustrates just how “fast and furious” the data is that’s coming at us from all directions. She maintains that it's more important than ever to put all this data together in a cohesive, impactful way, as we continue to try to find ways to prove the ROI of market research.

She says, “More and more, market research as a discipline is being asked to justify its existence. There’s pressure from every angle to prove tangible ROI and value from the ground up – and one way to do this is to effectively combine all the data racing toward us and channel it into usable, valuable business insights. The more data we have that is informing outcomes, the more accurate a picture we can give our clients of their customer, product or other important influencers in their success.”

Keri has several recommendations on how market researchers can start to accomplish this goal, starting with integration upfront - bringing all the pieces together - all the way to layering that data to reveal accurate insights in the reporting and visualization stage. She believes it is vital that all the tools and technologies that we have at our fingertips start to truly work together - and we start using innovations to make it to the finish line. 


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