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We are passionate about shaping the future of data insights.

We are passionate about shaping the future of data insights. We employ the latest technology and methodologies in our solutions and also nurture human talent, especially when it comes to the next generation of researchers. You may have read about our work with the University of Auckland recently, but you may not know that our team is also very involved with industry organization, Women in Research (WIRe)

WIRe is a global non-profit that champions diversity in the marketing research industry, supporting events and educational programming across five continents. Just some of the organization’s programming includes activities that facilitate leadership, entrepreneurship, mentoring, and other career development goals for its members. The group’s overall mission is to foster inclusion and advance the contributions and voice of women and other marginalized groups in research, both for themselves and the greater good of the market research industry. 

As such, the group welcomes both men and women who champion diversity, many of whom participate in the WIRe mentorship program. We now have 3 WIRe mentors in our team - Horst Feldhaeuser has been a mentor for several years, and recently Geoff Lowe and Keri Vermaak have joined the organization as mentors for 2020. 

Horst says, “Every year, I look forward to participating in WIRe’s mentorship program. Being a mentor not only helps me view my career in a different light through a fresh pair of eyes, but also gives me a chance to support someone else grow their career in a direction that will work best for them. As a champion for the next generation of researchers, this program fits with what - and whom - we believe will take this industry into the future.” 

The mentorship program matches those with ten or more years of experience in the market research industry with those who are just starting. Throughout the program, mentees leverage the success of their mentor by asking questions about work/life balance, professional growth, and more, while mentors have an opportunity to grow their leadership and mentoring skills in a one-to-one environment. It is programs like this one that we believe help to play a vital role in bringing up the next generation of researchers and company leaders. 

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