Supporting our partners and their business continuity in the current crisis

See how we supported our South African partner and their clients to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

To keep employees safe and healthy during the COCID-19 pandemic, many companies around the globe have instituted work-from-home policies whenever possible. In some situations, this works well as people have laptop computers, internet connectivity, and cloud access to their normal software and programs. Other companies can work remotely, but systems are not set up properly to accommodate this model. This is exactly what happened with Infotools South Africa, a licensed distributor of Infotools, and their clients.

Infotools SA specializes in a desktop iteration of Harmoni, called MediaStar, which includes specific media functionality. This program allows for a specific reach and frequency data from a media buying plan to be analyzed to optimize the media buying and resulting impact. The issue was that in certain African locations, such as Nigeria and Ghana, the program was centralized at client offices. This meant that employees could only access licensed copies of the software from a specific bank of computers on site.

When they were moved to a work-from-home model, many employees at these client companies lost access to a key tool for doing their jobs. To ensure everyone stayed healthy while having access to the MediaStar platform, Infotools worked with Infotools SA and came up with a flexible solution. While people are sheltering in place around the world, clients in Ghana and Nigeria with network licenses have also been provided with unlimited single-user licenses. This means that employees can access the important data and analysis tools they need while staying safe at home.

This was well received.

“Your mail brings a lot of excitement and encouragement to me and the team at this time. We are proud to be partners with a very thoughtful and proactive company like yours. This limited-time offer will certainly enable us to deliver on our planning process while working from home.” – Brand Eye Media

“This thoughtful gesture, especially at this time, is very much appreciated.” – Media Reach

We believe it is important that we all work together during this crisis to develop solutions to help support business continuity. When we can find a “fix” to problems that crop up due to changes in our working environment, and other results of the pandemic, it’s exciting and gratifying. Infotools SA’s clients in Ghana and Nigeria can continue to be productive, stay working, and stay safe.


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