"Space to Think" Paper on Data Quality now available

We're pleased to announce that the newest paper in our "Space to Think" series is now available! Read the press release below for details.

Infotools releases new “Space to Think” paper on market research data quality
Publication gives an overview of the current conversation surrounding data quality in the insights industry

Auckland, NZ — 05 December 2023 - Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis and reporting solutions, has released a new paper in its Space to Think series, Elevating market research data quality into the limelight. Drawing on expert commentary from the company’s Now that’s Significant podcast, plus insights industry initiatives like the Global Data Quality Project, the paper summarizes critical topics such as terminology, fraud detection and mitigation, representativity and respondent experience. 

“We’ve worked alongside agencies and corporate insights teams for more than 33 years, and over these decades we’ve seen data quality take center stage at varying degrees over time but it has never completely dropped off the radar,” said John Bird, Executive Vice President of Client Development at Infotools. “So far, no ‘data quality magic wand’ has emerged, and we believe it is important to continue pushing this conversation forward as the industry works hard, together, to improve quality and elevate our profession.”

Data quality has been a consistent theme on Infotools’ market research podcast, discussed by guests from all facets of the industry. Elevating market research data quality into the limelight brings together various viewpoints shared on the podcast, organizing it loosely under the workstreams undertaken by the Global Data Quality Project, a collaborative multi-country effort to tackle the industry’s data quality challenges. 

Inside the paper, readers will find sections that cover: 

  • Using proper language to discuss data quality, including the need for universal, accurate and transparent terminology;
  • Detecting and mitigating fraudulent activities in an environment where fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated;
  • Overcoming bias to ensure greater representativity, enhancing the reliability of research findings; and
  • Improving respondent experience to boost data quality, and help maintain a willing and engaged pool of respondents.

Infotools’ Space to Think series is designed to help inform insights professionals about key themes and trends in the market research industry, especially for those looking to replace or upgrade their market research software and technology. Other publications in the series include: Insights and Innovation: The market research software and technology landscape; The buyer’s guide to market research analysis and reporting software and The inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility handbook. This new paper furthers Infotools’ vision for elevating the insights profession by furthering the critical conversation surrounding market research data quality. 

Read the complete paper here:



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