Should you democratize your data?

How do market researchers analyze the right information and know who to give it to and when? Technology is opening opportunities for businesses to gather and act on data in ways that simply were not possible before.

In this article for the American Marketing Association (AMA), Horst Feldhaeuser explores how communication and data democratization could drastically change business growth and potentially save millions of dollars.

"Information is not in short supply in the information age. We're drowning in it. What we lack is the human attention needed to make sense of it all." - Professor Richard Lanham

We're saturated with information, and it's only growing. In fact, by 2025, it's predicted that the sum of all data will be at 163 zettabytes. (That's a trillion gigabytes!) But what do we do with all this information? How do we analyze the right information, know who to give it to and when? This article, published by the American Marketing Association (AMA), covers these questions and more.

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