Predicting the future is to create it

Creating change in market research is difficult, but with the right processes based on "stepping stones", risks can be minimized and change successfully implemented.

Stepping stones for change in the market research industry

In this article for GreenBook, Tim Brightwell describes how and why the market research industry needs to create its own future.

As an industry, we like the idea of innovation, change, and disruption - but in reality, we've been historically slow to move. We know change needs to happen, but an inherently conservative view seems to hold us back. If you take a "stepping stone" approach, though, change doesn't have to be scary. In this article, Tim outlines his thoughts on how a measured approach can help us get to the future we want.

  • Identify pain points
  • Get the right people in the room
  • Ask the right questions up front
  • Find the right partners
  • Adopt a staged approach
  • Access the right training

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