#NewMR Webinar: Empowering clients to create faster insights

Register for our upcoming webinar with #NewMR, to be held on 19 November, to learn more.

The mantra of the past few months has been clear: speed, speed, speed. As the demand increases for faster insights, we have to find the places in the workflow to create efficiencies without negatively impacting outcomes and data quality. This means we need to leave behind traditional ways of doing things, using technology to create “ease” for processing, analysis and reporting tasks.

Speed is a topic with many layers, one of which we’ll be discussing in an upcoming webinar with #NewMR. Our regional engagement director, Keri Vermaak, will talk with Ray Poynter specifically about how the trend toward the democratization of insights drives an increased need for reach and speed.

They’ll be talking about working back from the insights value proposition by focusing on client and end-user needs and uncovering their priorities first. This helps lay the foundation for insights gathering and analysis, and it also can help guide when, where, and how the pieces of the process can be sped up. 

The discussion will define what data democratization really means in today’s landscape and how delivering insights and empowering stakeholders with data has become more vital than ever. Because this approach requires a different way of thinking - and a bit of “letting go” - the webinar will uncover common blockades to democratization and practical ways to overcome them. They’ll also discuss ways that attendees can help enable and leverage the process of making insights more widely available, quickly.

The webinar, “Empowering clients to create faster insights,” will be held on 19 November 2020 at 11am EST (8am PST, 4pm GMT). Use the link above to register for free! 

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