New Paper on Maximizing Your Insights Function

Our new paper ‘Transforming your insights function’ is now available! It takes an in-depth look at the state of the industry, and helps you modernize your approach and maximize ROI for primary research.

Infotools releases paper on maximizing market research investments

New publication covers modernizing the insights function with steps for better technology adoption and implementation, proving value and eliminating traditional process fragmentation

Auckland, NZ — 18 July 2022 - Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis solutions, has released a new paper ‘Transforming your insights function.’ The publication provides an in-depth look at the state of the industry and provides a path forward for brands and organizations looking to modernize their approach and maximize ROI for primary research. By providing practical steps and data-informed strategies for eliminating inefficiencies, streamlining functions and creating room for innovation, the new paper will help researchers future-proof functions and prove value. 

“Reliance on primary research and consumer insights will continue to increase in today’s landscape and companies need to look to the future,” said Horst Feldhaeuser of Infotools. “Gaining knowledge of how a rise in primary research data will affect processes, workflows, technology stacks and – ultimately – audience understanding is essential. The highest performing companies will evolve internal processes and technologies to stay competitive and create the most value for both their customers and stakeholders.”

“Transforming your insights function” examines current pressures on market research teams, such as: the demand for speed through greater automation; the need for blending data sources for more holistic understanding; and proving the value and ROI of primary research. Based on 32 years of working with some of the world’s largest brands, and information gathered from current research industry leaders, Infotools shares a step-by-step approach to modernizing processes and getting the most out of insights initiatives. 

A few topics covered in the paper include: 

  • Obtaining holistic consumer data through multi-modal methodologies and easily blending multiple consumer data sources.
  • Addressing the intricacies of primary research data and using data analysis tools that will illuminate the most valuable insights.
  • Understanding the challenges that traditional business intelligence (BI) tools face when handling primary research data.
  • Evolving traditional internal workflows to eliminate fragmented processes.
  • Overcoming and minimizing the disruption that typically surrounds new technology adoption.

The complete paper can be viewed here.  

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