New Discover feature now available in Harmoni

New functionality allows users to find stories in data faster by profiling the groups that matter and comparing them with others.

Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis solutions, today announced that its “Discover” feature is now available for all users of the Harmoni platform. The new functionality allows users to find stories in data faster by profiling the groups that matter and comparing them with others. Using the latest in statistical testing, including Bayesian, Discover offers users fast, smart analysis of data. 

“Discover supports the researcher to get to insights faster, by automatically bringing the most interesting findings to the surface,” said Johan van Kuyk, Director of Product at Infotools. “Our 30 years in the industry has exposed us to a wide variety of data types and analysis scenarios, equipping us with a solid foundation for innovation. Discover is one of those innovations. It quickly focuses your attention on the data that matters the most for understanding your target groups.”

The new Harmoni Discover tool performs a series of statistical tests on each descriptor variable, comparing values from a target group with the rest. These values are compared using Bayesian Statistics to calculate the probability that the group value is higher (or lower) than the rest of the values. It quickly allows the user to find similarities and differences among key target data groups. Specifically, Discover enables users to: 

  • Profile a target group against a set of descriptor variables, such as basic demographics or habits, indicating which descriptors best describe a group, and then compare these with other groups
  • Drag and drop descriptors and demographics for comparison into the easy-to-use interface
  • Instantly access a customizable table view with the variables that stand out in the target group against others
  • Visualize the uncovered data by color, order, bubble charts, heat maps, and proprietary 3D space graphs to show probability, commonalities, and differences in digestible visual forms

Harmoni is a cloud-based “data-to delivery” software platform purpose-built for market research data – from data processing through to analysis, reporting, visualization, dashboarding, distribution, and data alerts. Harmoni is largely data agnostic, supporting a wide range of data sources such as SQL, SPSS, Excel, CSV, tab-delimited files as well as live API connections to leading data collection platforms. The platform harmonizes data from multiple sources into one usable data set, using the power of automation and machine learning, along with extensive domain expertise. The result is real-time insights based on the very latest available data, presented and shared through advanced reporting, dashboards, and storytelling capabilities.

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