Infotools releases paper on connecting data for holistic consumer understanding

New eBook gives readers three essential steps for connecting complex data streams for better insights.

Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis solutions, has released a new eBook “Three essential steps to connect your data.”  The publication provides practical advice for brands and organizations looking to gain a more holistic understanding of increasingly complex audiences. Connecting traditional types of market research input with the other consumer touchpoints, such as digital behavioral activities, is essential in today’s reality.  

“We have long maintained that integrating data from different sources is critical, but the recent boost in digital adoption due to the global pandemic has made bringing data together even more important,” said Ant Franklin CEO of Infotools. “That’s why we wanted to provide a framework - based on our decades working with some of the world’s largest brands - to help research and insights teams navigate a new world of connected data.” 

“Three essential steps to connect your data” explores the foundational stages for bringing multiple data sources together. It walks through why connected data is critical to businesses today and how to bring data sources together smoothly and efficiently. Finally, it illustrates the importance of reporting, visualizing and sharing insights from the combined data for agile decision making.

The eBook brings forth specific goals that market researchers and insights professionals can achieve with data that is connected in the right technology ecosystem, including:

  • Replace siloed, static research with fully-integrated, engaging, and easily accessible insights to drive business actions
  • Bring in new data from multiple sources to continuously update insights without time-consuming manual steps
  • Examine learnings among data sets to uncover trends and impact of business actions on results
  • View data all together - with matching labels - in one dynamic location, irrespective of the source
  • Compare and contrast target data groups with others to uncover similarities and differences among key target audiences.

The eBook can be viewed here:

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