Infotools launches the ResTech Readiness Assessment tool

Infotools is proud to release the ResTech Readiness Assessment, a tool to help insights teams understand the requirements to modernize how they leverage market research and insights technology.

With over 32 years of experience providing collaborative investigation and reporting software for the market research and insights sector, we are proud to release a tool to help insights teams understand the requirements to modernize how they leverage market research and insights technology.

The ResTech Readiness Assessment tool is a nine-question survey covering a range of areas that contribute to a high-functioning, ResTech-supported insights function. After completion, respondents receive a score and guidance on what they may need to either improve on or get vendor assistance when implementing such a ResTech platform.

Why are we doing this?

Throughout our prolonged experience in the insights space, we’ve helped numerous brands overcome a whole raft of challenges concerning their market research data. The resulting transformational benefits teams have enjoyed by modernizing their market research and insights practices have been plentiful, especially when it comes to post-collection investigation and reporting. But most importantly, they are within your grasp. And we genuinely want to help you on your journey too.

We’ve also seen how challenging it can be for numerous in-house research teams to make the transition to newer ResTech offerings. We’ve helped them overcome those challenges too, which is something we relish. The climb is worth the view. Our goal is to share some insights to help your implementation go smoothly. This plays a huge part in generating momentum and goodwill, which driving user adoption – arguably the most essential part of the process. After all, there’s no point in having the best platform in the world if no-one’s going to use it.

With the right approach and foundation, modernizing your insights function with a leading ResTech platform is within reach.

What is covered in the assessment?

The nine questions asked in the ResTech Readiness Assessment revolve around your organization’s willingness to try new approaches to improve business outcomes, the role and value of insights across your business, the level of customer centricity, and how committed your organization is to giving decision makers the ability to dive deeper into the data and iterate on any insights and findings.

What happens after the assessment?

The assessment gives you a fair idea of what you may need to improve on towards your next ResTech platform to increase adoption. Afterwards, there’s an opportunity for you to book in a planning session based on the results and benchmarks with John Bird. John is one of those experience market research professionals who knows our field inside out and understands what teams need. And perhaps more importantly, what they don’t need in order to be successful in the insights space. His ability to bring insights functions and their executives on a modernization journey is second to none. He’s also one of the most connected people we know as well.

Take the Assessment here

Skip the assessment and talk it through with John instead.

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