Infotools hits the airwaves on Radio New Zealand

Horst Feldhaeuser shares his views about the changes in the market research industry in recent years in this interview with Radio New Zealand.

The Research Association New Zealand is gearing up for its biannual conference in just a few days, where Horst Feldhaeuser will be speaking about new “buzzwords” in market research—automation, machine learning, and AI. These new technologies, and the work that Infotools is doing with leading international companies like Coca-Cola, Singapore Airlines, Levi's and Orange, caught the attention of Radio New Zealand. They interviewed Horst to learn more about what Infotools is doing from a global standpoint.

During the interview, Horst discussed what types of new technologies and solutions appeal to global brands, along with the business insights that these tools deliver to help those companies succeed. He also touched the upcoming speaker lineup for the conference, which will focus on the digital economy and the new insights ecosystem. Horst’s presentation explores how new and emerging technologies have already been implemented within the industry, as well as where new frontiers may lie.

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