A worthy way market researchers can give back, with Michaela Gascon

In this episode of "Now that's Significant," host Michael Howard talks with Michaela Gascon, an Executive Board Member at the Marketing Research Education Foundation (MREF). They discuss the Race Around The World For Education, an initiative by MREF that mobilizes the market research community to support global education. Michaela emphasizes the positive impact market researchers can have by participating in this event. The episode highlights the importance of community involvement and how industry professionals can contribute to educational causes worldwide.


Key highlights from this discussion include:

MREF's Mission and Growth

  • Founded in 2015, MREF aims to unify the marketing research industry to support education for children globally.
  • Since its inception, MREF has donated over $875,000 to various educational initiatives in the U.S., Ukraine, Costa Rica, Haiti, Europe, and Africa.

Major Initiatives

  • Race Around the World for Education: An annual virtual event where participants run, bike, or walk to raise funds. In the past three years, participants have logged enough miles to circle the globe 9.5 times.
  • Backpack Challenge: A summer event providing backpacks and school supplies to low-income children.

Community and Impact

  • MREF's efforts have supported significant projects, including the Joseph School in Haiti and Hogar Montel School for at-risk girls in Costa Rica.
  • These initiatives not only provide financial aid but also foster a sense of global community and personal connection.

Personal Stories and Engagement

  • Michaela recounts how involvement in MREF has inspired her colleagues at KJT Group and emphasizes the broader impact of their contributions.

Call to Action

  • Michaela encourages listeners to participate in the upcoming Race Around the World event, highlighting the ease of registration and the importance of collective effort in making a difference.

You are invited to join MREF's initiatives, contribute to fundraising efforts, and help expand the foundation's positive impact on children's education worldwide.

The episode underscores the power of community and the marketing research industry's potential to drive significant educational change. Michaela's stories and insights showcase the meaningful work being done and hopes to inspire listeners to get involved and support these worthy causes.

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