How do you use data integration for complete customer views?

Christina talks about finally being able to form a holistic view of customers and their journey through new technology. In this Quirks article she discusses the new age in market research.

Christina Costa-Connolly, our Regional Director for Europe, has spent her career finding ways to truly understand customers. Now, we finally have the technology and access to the data we need to form a holistic view of customers and their journey.

The digital age has given us multiple touchpoints with our target audiences—online interactions, in-store shopping data, social media posts and more—which in turn provides us with the opportunity for deep understanding. But there are also challenges. In her article on the Quirks blog, Christina remarks, “Connecting hard data to the underlying consumer behaviors in a way that makes sense is a struggle, but I believe it is a struggle that our industry is finally able to address head-on.

“With the right forward-thinking leaders and technology at our fingertips, we can go beyond just putting all this data together and find those relationships and patterns that can make a real impact on business decisions and, ultimately, success.”

The digital age and the new technologies that are giving us access to consumer data are also giving us the tools we need to use this data in market research. She calls for market researchers to shift their focus from data collection to data integration by exploring new technologies that will uncover patterns and relationships between various data sources.

This is when we can start to get the answers we need for effective, efficient customer outreach.

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