How do we cultivate curiosity?

An interview with Evette Cordy, Co-founder and Chief Investigator at Agents of Spring, a human-centered innovation studio.

Curiosity has been a theme that we’ve seen come up again and again. In an industry that is turning more and more to technology, many of us seek out the uniquely “human” elements of what we do in market research. If there’s one thing that machines can definitely NOT replace, it is our innate curiosity. 

Does that seem obvious? To some, it might. Many of us entered the consumer insights field in the first place because we wanted to discover new things. We wanted to feed our inquisitive nature. However, curiosity can translate into real business success when you know how to harness it.

We recently sat down with Evette Cordy, co-founder at Agents of Spring. She uses curiosity and creativity to help organizations create human-centered products and services and facilitate new ways of thinking. Evette is the author of Cultivating Curiosity: How to unearth your most valuable problem to inspire growth. She had a fascinating take on how curiosity can play a role in our daily work as researchers and how we can start to shift our thinking back to our passions and, ultimately, uncover better outcomes. 

We invite you to read our interview with Evette here. She discusses important subjects like how technology has the potential to free us up to feed our natural curiosity as researchers and how that curiosity can unearth “your most valuable problem” to move your business forward.  


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