Holger Geissler on the Succeet 2023 Conference

We welcomed Holger Geissler, managing director of Succeet, the leading European trade fair for insights, data, and analytics. He's also a managing director and founder of Smart News Publishing House, which operates the publication "Marktforschung”. He spoke with us about the upcoming Succeet 2023 conference in Germany, as well as some trends that he’s seeing change the face of the industry.

As far as trends go, he touched on how the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into market research is creating waves of innovation in Germany and across Europe. It will be a topic that is covered in depth at the upcoming conference, “Most of the companies that join Succeet have solutions that, in some way, touch AI."

This widespread AI adoption stretches beyond startups and extends to industry giants. For example, major players like Kantar and Ipsos are diving into AI experimentation, introducing innovative solutions. Even companies like RTL, a prominent German television broadcaster, are utilizing AI to assess the quality of TV commercials.

While AI is the conference's star, it doesn't overshadow other essential topics in market research. Holger emphasized that Succeet 2023 will host around 30 presentations on customer experience. This demonstrates the diverse set of issues that researchers are tackling. Moreover, there will be myriad presentations on various studies focusing on diversity, gender, recruiting, and more. 

Holger says that the German market research industry has a reputation for being somewhat conservative, but this perception doesn't align with the reality of innovation happening in the industry. There is an impressive influx of new, tech-savvy companies and professionals eager to push the boundaries of traditional research.

As for the conference, Succeet 2023, being held 25-26 October 2023, welcomes attendees from around the world, not just from Germany, as most exhibitors and attendees are already operating on an international scale. This year’s event moved from its long-time home in Munich to Wiesbaden this year. Holger mentioned that the conference center is modern, sustainable, and located in the heart of the city, making it more accessible and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the event. The conference aims to connect researchers and promote valuable networking opportunities.

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