Our latest Greenbook article: Brand tracker basics & how to evolve

Our Regional Engagement Director, Keri Vermaak, recently wrote for Greenbook about how to stay ahead of the evolving landscape with brand trackers. In the article, called "The ABCs (and DEFGs) of brand trackers: unlocking insights for business success in a changing world," she dives into ways brands can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and market trends by using the right technology.

Keri emphasizes the enduring significance of brand trackers amidst the rapid changes in the business environment, highlighting their role in shaping customer experiences, refining market strategies, and monitoring brand performance. She outlines the fundamental functions of trackers - the proverbial ABCs:
  • Analyzing audiences: Surveying target populations over time to measure changes in behaviors and attitudes, providing insights that drive enhanced customer experiences and business growth.
  • Brand robustness and health: Assessing brand awareness, consideration, and preference, helping brands monitor their market standing and identify areas for growth.
  • Competitive analysis: tracking consumer sentiment, preferences, and actions, identifying emerging trends and driving strategic positioning in the marketplace.
Moreover, she introduces additional tracker functions, such as the DEFGs: Decision-making support, Effectiveness of campaigns, Finding trends, and Grappling with change, underscoring their importance in informed decision-making, campaign evaluation, trend identification, and adaptation to evolving consumer needs.

She advocates for blending traditional tracker approaches with new technologies like generative AI to achieve comprehensive insights and long-term business success, positioning brand trackers as indispensable tools in navigating the complex business landscape. She writes: "While the basic benefits of the tracker study model remain, we must expand our alphabet to keep pace with all the change happening around us...We can’t keep doing things the way they’ve always been done in the face of such sweeping change, but blending traditional approaches - like trackers - with new ways of uncovering holistic data is the future of tracker research." 

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