Getting - and processing - the right data for market expansion

Our Executive Director, Geoff Lowe, talks about how Infotools, Bulla Diary Foods and MDI Global explored a very specific question: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Mobile apps to keep track of things like food intake and exercise have become commonplace for consumers. So when one company wanted to know what people were eating for breakfast to prepare for market expansion, a mobile diary app like this made good sense. It made such good sense that using this approach brought in a massive amount of data for our partner, research agency MDI Global, and its client, Bulla Dairy Foods.

Geoff Lowe, Infotools Executive Director, writes about this project, and Harmoni's role in bringing together all this data, in a new article on ESOMAR's RW Connect blog. The article, called "Eating Behaviors, Recall and Getting the Right Data for Market Expansion," delves into an exploration of our partnership on an exciting research project designed to "cut through, remain relevant, maintain compliance and deliver accurate results to inform large scale business strategy."

The mobile diary was able to gather information for Bulla to enter a new market properly and thoughtfully. Because "consumers are busy, frantic and bombarded with constant communications," the company needed to record "in the moment" consumer experiences, capturing rich information while not relying on iffy consumer recall. The diary strategy worked, and the data began pouring in.

Infotools was able to capture this data and make it useable and easily accessible with cloud-based Harmoni. This solution not only gave stakeholders "immediate, easy and continuous access to the data and key results," but it allowed them to ask more questions of the data whenever necessary. Data is continuously updated as mobile diary app information streams in, so the team was able to continually make the most of the collected data and consumer input.

"The way mobile diaries and accessible data balance art and science paid off for Bulla's expansion project, helping them understand not only the 'what' but also the 'why' and, ultimately, 'how' to deliver the message to a new marketplace. Specifically, the research uncovered consumer-led needs that advised ideal categories, gaps in the market, brand health, and insights into successful marketing and communication strategies."

Read the complete article here.

Interested in more? Read how MDI used Harmoni to process the sudden influx of data it started collecting through its mobile-first app in our case study, Charting Data.

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