Five ways Harmoni is helping corporate insight teams

Some of the globe’s biggest brands are using Harmoni to help them uncover deeper customer insights more efficiently - including Shell, Samsung, Visa and Coca-Cola.

Some of the globe’s biggest brands are using Harmoni to help them uncover deeper customer insights more efficiently. A unique collection of benefits has solved many companies’ ongoing market research data challenges, including harmonizing multiple data sources and democratized, accessible insights reporting and sharing. 

1. Improve speed to insights:

This global demand for speed will only become more acute.  You need access to real-time, updated data to reduce the time it takes to get insights into business leaders’ hands so they can make data-based decisions. The ability to instantly answer stakeholder questions with the latest data can help to prove the value of your company’s market research investment in genuine ways. The first step in meeting demands for faster insights is eliminating any manual steps by implementing specialized technology that will quickly take in all the available data and integrate, process, analyze, visualize, and share it.

Samsung: “Infotools has enabled Samsung to handle data in a much easier, faster way and become more independent from research vendors….More than just working with the data, Infotools has enabled us to better manage our data visualization and make it easily shareable within a fast-paced organization."

2. Harmonize multiple data sources:

Companies and brands have access to massive amounts of data streams, but looking at each source in isolation doesn’t give them the whole picture. Harmoni is ‘data agnostic’ and integrates many kinds of data from different sources and suppliers. You will likely have a unique set of market research data sources that you leverage, including (but not limited to) large-scale global trackers, ad testing and tracking programs, U&A studies, adhoc local studies, as well as customer experience and satisfaction studies. More and more of our clients also ask us to include additional non-market research datasets, including sales, financial information, tarps, behavioral and social media data. Harmoni handles these data sets with ease.

Shell: Using the Harmoni platform, the company integrated and harmonized several data sources and its global retail tracker data to feed directly into a structured, marketing planning process that was completely new for the business. This approach fundamentally changed how insights drive actions across the business...holistically using 13 different data sources to align consumer understanding with real business outcomes.
“We have a great base from which to build our customer-orientated marketing plan, that takes us another step on what is, clearly, a working strategy.”

3. Improve the quality of insights:

Harmoni becomes a single source of data to ensure everyone on your team is looking at the data errors. We call this “single source of truth.” Using technology that allows you to connect directly to your data source (through APIs or directly uploading data into the platform), manual steps are eliminated, and the risk of human error affecting the data is significantly reduced. 

Coca-Cola: “Knowing that we have a specialist team at Infotools that ensures the data quality and consistency across 90+ markets is crucial for us to fully trust this information and concentrate on the results and insights”.

4. Engaging, interactive dashboards and reporting:

Rather than relying on multiple programs and manual steps to create static reports, today’s environment demands something more streamlined and engaging. As a cloud platform, Harmoni’s online dashboards are easily accessed and shared across the broader organization to ensure that data informs business questions and that everyone has the same core knowledge surrounding the business. The easy-to-use interface facilitates the creation of charts, reports and interactive dashboards. Users can highlight significant data points, suppress low sample sizes and more. The dashboards strike the right balance of being attractive and intuitive while also handling the complexities of market research data and multiple sources at once.

Samsung: “Infotools has brought state-of-the-art output to Samsung data and insights.  Previous to that, we relied heavily on Tableau, traditional tables, and PowerPoint decks.” 

5. World-class professional services team:

Behind every good technology solution is an even greater team. You need partners that truly understand your business and the outcomes required for success while also having a deep knowledge of market research data complexities. Implementing innovative technology can be challenging, and having excellent training, support and guidance is essential for minimizing downtime. We regularly apply our real on-the-ground experience to know precisely how you can get the most from implementing Harmoni for every project you undertake.

Visa:  “I want to express my gratitude for all your help and support over the past months. Honestly – this team has been one of the most kind, responsive, helpful, and smart teams I’ve worked with! Bringing on Harmoni has been one of the highlights of my time here at Visa.”

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