Extend the 'ease of use' philosophy beyond your market research technology

Should the same “ease-of-use” philosophy we apply to selecting our research technology extend to the partner company itself?

How many times have you seen the latest market research technology described as “easy-to-use” or “user friendly”? It’s undeniably appealing to consider using a solution that you won’t have to spend days (or weeks) figuring out. Despite the nebulousness of these claims, the fact is that none of us would consider choosing a market research technology that wasn’t intuitive. Ease-of-use should be at the heart of any tool that helps us do our jobs better and more efficiently. 

But what about working with the people behind the technology? The same “ease-of-use” philosophy we apply to selecting our tech stacks should extend to the partner company itself. It is critical to success. Here are a few things to ask to help you decide if your potential market research technology partner will be easy to work with and - even more importantly - contribute to your overall success. 

  • What do you know about my business? Your partner should seek a deep understanding of your business before jumping in. At Infotools, we prioritize meeting time at the outset of any project or relationship to identify long and short-term goals and hone in on needed results for each client. This helps to build rapport from the very beginning. By gaining a deep understanding of the outcomes required for success, we can also illustrate how new technologies can aid these outcomes. By spotlighting relevant insights needs, you and your market research technology partner can define things like the metrics and the data collection methodology required to succeed.
  • Are you an expert in market research? This is perhaps the most important question you will ask. It is critical that your technology partner understands the complexities of market research data and its analysis. Too often, technology solutions are not fit-for-purpose and can cause problems as you try to fit a round peg in a square hole. This same principle can be applied to the people at the partner company you are considering. Experts in consumer insights and market research can add genuine value, bolstering your efforts to prove ROI and drive strategic results that support your company goals. They can apply their real on-the-ground experience to know exactly how you can get the most from every project, and the best quality insights for decision making.
  • What is the extent of your service model? You don’t have to wait until you purchase a market research technology solution before you can find out you will be adequately supported. Dig in and see who will be your day-to-day contact before you sign on the bottom line. You will want to find out the seniority level of your primary contact. Some companies will do a “bait and switch,” reeling you in with an expert-level person and then handing you off to a rookie who doesn’t understand the business as well. Be up-front about your expectations. If you need round-the-clock access to help, ensure you’ll have multiple people assigned to you for more comprehensive coverage. Ask lots of questions about service and support for your market research technology, so you aren’t caught off guard later. 

If you’re looking to be more productive and add greater value to your business in the coming months, then you’ll need the right tools and the right people to help you succeed. Make sure the partners you choose put you and your objectives first with an ease-of-use philosophy that permeates the technology solution - and the team behind it.

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