Diana Lucaci on how attention and emotion impact loyalty

Diana Lucaci Co-founder and CEO of True Impact, joined our "Now, That's Significant" market research podcast to share her thoughts on how to think of customers not as targets but as human beings. She says when we shift our thinking in this way, we understand how capturing attention and triggering emotions can lead to higher loyalty and conversions. Her company helps with this approach,  offering concept testing solutions for mid to large brands and creative agencies. She's worked with organizations including Canada Post, Metro, General Motors, Colgate, Parlo, Costco and others. 

During the episode we dive further into attention and emotion, and how concept testing helps market research teams deliver better understanding of consumers. Clients come to True Impact with challenges such as marketing campaigns that are not converting, and they want to understand what is missing or how to add value. Concept testing helps give ammunition to designers and brand managers to show how the message can impact conversion downstream. 

She covers some high-level examples to show how this work can have an impact on things like concept testing for packaging changes, advertising, website design and more, discussing how her work at True Impact helps to connect the dots between attention, emotion, and behavior. When combined with more traditional market research methodologies, this approach ensures better understanding from every angle. Diana says, “They go hand in hand. In the past, whenever we did a neuroscience study, we would follow up with a post survey…everything has to be connected and building on each other. If we just take one segment and we make decisions based on one source of data - well, the human being is a lot more complex than that and attitudes and feelings change.”

We also talked with her about some of her favorite projects for leading brands, diving into some real-life case studies on the critical impact that consumer neuroscience research solutions can have for marketers, UX researchers and advertisers. Diana also covers common mistakes people make when launching new products, packaging, campaigns and more. She says that brands should focus on a single, clear message that ensures the audience quickly grasps what you want them to do. We don't spend enough time looking at the biology of the human being on the other end. And what marketers should keep in mind is that the brain is created in a certain way…then you can create different, better communications.”

Listen at the link above to discover the value that market researchers can bring, regarding the increase of customer loyalty, when they help their organizations to better understand attention and emotion.

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