Data and the cloud: trends for 2021 and beyond

When it comes to data reporting, we continue to see the importance of accuracy, speed and easy-to-understand visualizations.

No matter the industry, everyone is talking about 2021 trends. In some ways, these predictive roundups help us put the past year and upcoming year in perspective, giving us a framework to view our work, strategic focus, and planning. Perhaps no sector has received more attention over the past few months, as millions around the world have tracked various data points on the global pandemic, than market research, data and insights. 

With this catapult to the mainstream media, many saw the importance of accuracy, speed and easy-to-understand visualization for data reporting. Another effect of the widespread availability and use of data was a renewed focus on democratization; making data accessible to more people. Brands, market research agencies and other companies that collect, analyze and report on data regularly must pay attention to these important trends to remain successful and competitive in a changing landscape.

Cloud-based solutions are one way to get there. Cloud computing is critical in today’s environment, a fact that was underlined by a recent article in a popular online media outlet, The Next Web (TNW), with an article called “4 cloud and data trends to look for in 2021.” In this, the author tapped into several experts to identify key trends surrounding how we will use the cloud to find more scalable, secure, and flexible solutions for our data.

First, the article addressed the rising importance of cloud computing. For many different business functions, the cloud has become increasingly important in an environment where many are working remotely. While the transition may take some time for some businesses, it is a movement that is happening more quickly than ever. In the market research space, many companies have been employing remote work strategies for several months with varying levels of success. Cloud-based solutions are definitely helping the situation.

When it comes to data and data reporting, the cloud facilitates sharing insights with more stakeholders. At Infotools, we’ve long been proponents of data democratization, with the belief that the more people who can use the data constructively, the more value is attached to the data, insights and research teams. To achieve this kind of shift, behaviors and attitudes about data must change to “foster a better data culture” that allows self-service and programs that boost data literacy. 

We can’t talk about data in 2021 without touching on data privacy, an issue that has been bubbling under the surface and was recently brought renewed focus with the CCPA act in California and several other privacy regulations around the world. As people become more aware of their data's value, and data breaches continue to occur at a massive scale, data privacy is something businesses must address. With the right cloud-based solutions, especially those dealing with consumer data such as our Harmoni platform, you can ensure that the proper layers are in place to exceed security and privacy goals and comply with regulations.

When you tap into the cloud-based power of Harmoni for your data and research needs, you can meet these newly increased demands for speed, accuracy and the sharing of insights. It is scalable and flexible, making it easy to set up access for the right people to the right functionality - even when your team is spread out and working from home. Data is critical and has become more so recently, and the demand is here to stay. Choosing the right solution for processing, analyzing and sharing insights will make all the difference in successfully navigating 2021.

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