Collaborating on insights just got easier.

Our recent webinar, “Insights. Together.” brings to life the importance of collaboration in market research, showing just how easy it can be to work together if you have the right technology

Our recent webinar “Insights. Together.” brings to life the importance of collaboration in market research, showing just how easy it can be to work together if you have the right technology. Two of our Infotools team members – Geoff Lowe and Johan van Kuyk – team up on a market research project using the newest release of Harmoni.

Through their real-time interaction, you can see the ease of working together inside the platform. Using data from an imaginary hotel chain, Geoff and Johan show how to share ownership of the project and dive into the insights. Using just a few simple clicks, they are able to update permissions to provide varying levels of project control to each user. Next, they illustrate just how to use Harmoni to analyze data, find statistically significant insights, and deliver reports to the teams that need to understand the stories the data is telling.  

Insights are uncovered through true teamwork, as they bounce the control back and forth between the two of them in real-time as analysis continues and further questions arise. They illustrate the flexibility available for creating attractive reports and easily sharing them with other team members, even creating custom reporting “landing pages” for specific stakeholders. This helps to ensure that the most pertinent insights are highlighted based on each person’s unique needs.

Permission filters are an important part of collaborating inside Harmoni, and Geoff and Johan illustrate the granular level of control that managers have for each project. They can assign multiple collaborators of a single project, story or dashboard  – so people can work together to build deliverables for team members – and set flexible parameters that determine the level of access and visibility for individuals and certain groups. This helps maintain the data's integrity and create a more controlled environment while still maintaining a team-focused approach to insights.

During the webinar, a question comes up about the amount of data that can be fed into Harmoni for analysis on the front-end. While the hotel chain example is relatively small, the platform can handle massive data sets (which we wrote about here in relation to social media data) for processing and display. This is an important point, as collaborating on insights across organizations can sometimes require many data sets, all varying in size and format. Harmoni, as indicated by its name, can harmonize all the data together for use by teams.

In so many ways, Harmoni’s agile and flexible platform makes working together easier than ever before – whether individuals are at home, back in the office – or anywhere in between. Learn more by watching the webinar here.

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