Closing out a decade with predictions for the future of market research

Horst and Geoff share their thoughts in the latest issue of InterVIEW.

What might 2020 hold for the market research industry? The annual exercise in “predictions” has become somewhat of a staple, where leaders in this space who have their finger on the pulse of the latest innovations and methodologies share their thoughts on the future. There is a lot to look forward to.

The Research Association New Zealand (RANZ) just published the December issue of its InterVIEW magazine, which included several opinion articles covering what to expect in the months (and years) to come. Two members of the Infotools executive team shared their thoughts in the magazine: Horst Feldhaeuser and Geoff Lowe.

As we begin a new decade, Horst wrote about his own “recall” when it came to these past ten years and some of the challenges and opportunities we are facing as an industry. He’s optimistic about market research finally moving a bit faster to develop and embrace essential solutions that do things like meet the demand for DIY, handle the big data explosion, and integrate data from multiple sources. Most of all, he’s looking forward to seeing how humans adapt to these technological improvements, throwing their unique, curious, intuitive, inspired “hats” into the ring to move the industry into the future. 

Geoff took a retrospective look at the past ten years, citing examples of innovations in multiple industries and how they’ve grown and matured over time. He dove into some of the market research methodologies we’ve explored in recent years, such as online surveys, text analytics, mobile-first approaches, eye tracking, and even cloud-based reporting. He explores the rich history of each of these techniques and how we continue to build on innovation after innovation to deliver better insights. He also hopes that over the next ten years, the industry will speed up its willingness and ability to adopt new technology to stay relevant. 

You can check out their original articles in the InterVIEW Magazine on pages 20-21 (Geoff) and pages 24-25 (Horst), respectively. 


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