Taking the stress out of market research software decisions

We write about taking the stress out of software decisions for The Research Insighter

There are many choices available for market researchers today when it comes to software selection. Our director, Geoff Lowe, recently helped to take the stress out of the decision in an article on The Research Insighter blog. The blog is a community that brings insights leaders together through creative, inspirational, educational, and thought-provoking content. It is published by Knect365, best known in our circles for its popular fall conference: The Market Research Event (TMRE).

Geoff’s article, Choices, Choices: Take the stress out of market research technology adoption, provides some practical advice on how to choose the best software to meet your goals. He covers three main points in the piece, including:

  • What mix of technology fits your business? With solutions numbering in the thousands, from within and without the market research industry proper, this can be a hard question to answer. It’s worth taking the time to uncover the needs and requirements that are unique to your company and its goals.

  • Should I switch systems? You may already have a system in place, so if you are considering a change, weighing cost, “compatibility with existing systems, learning curve, training, customer support, and results” can be quite an undertaking. Geoff recommends making an "old-fashioned pros and cons list.”

  • Can the system handle the data? This critical question should be part of every stage of your decision-making process. You must make sure that privacy and security protocols are in place, that the system can handle the data you plan to feed it, it is compatible with mainstream data collection tools, and that it can harmonize multiple sources of consumer insights data.

The article concludes, “These are just a few of the things you should consider when making a smart technology decision. Take the time to explore and weigh the options, and capitalize on your unique approach to market research by investing in software that highlights your strengths. After all, the right choice in software can help to differentiate your business, increase your productivity, and deliver on your stakeholder’s demands for speed, cost savings, and accuracy.”  

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