Charting Data: MDI Global explores a world of data with Harmoni

MDI Global has found the future of market research – and it's been in our pockets all along. It's using mobiles to connect to clients' consumers, and making sense of the huge flow of data with Infotools Harmoni.


"The data started flowing in. Then it was pouring in. And it just didn't stop." 

When they started, James Fergusson, CEO MDI Global, and Fiona Buchanan, Director MDI Australia, knew the future of Market Research lay in mobiles. MDI Global quickly started pulling in clients with big, mobile-based research programs that generated enormous amounts of data.


"We looked at several tools, but one stood out for market research data: Harmoni, from Infotools."

MDI Global turned to Harmoni, a cloud-based software solution optimized for market research data. From data processing through to analysis, reporting, visualization, dashboards, distribution and data alerts, Harmoni could deal with the streams of data they had flooding in.


"Our clients love seeing their data presented so dynamically, and if they're happy, we're happy."

MDI Global could now set up pages with live charts and tables, and either export to PowerPoint or present live dashboards to their clients – with the ability to answer "what if" questions on the spot. This has created a source of on-going competitive advantage for MDI Global.

To read the full story, download Charting Data today.

Download Charting Data

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