Infotools and Orange take a customer-first approach to data insights

New case study explores how one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers transformed its approach to consumer insights with technology

Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis solutions, has released a new case study with Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers. The new publication, called The Color of Transformation, examines how Orange’s Market Research team re-invented the way they deliver consumer insights data to their business leaders. The study provides an insider’s look into the planning, process, and outcomes, providing a practical outline for other companies looking to elevate the role of insights in decision making.

“We had to change the way we operated,” says Russell King, Orange’s Director of Group Brand & Customer Experience Research and an insights expert with more than 25 years in the industry. “To start making headway toward our vision, our stakeholders needed to be up-to-date with what our customers are thinking and feeling. We needed to deliver insights in a way that would compel them to engage with and actively use insights data to drive strategy and deliver growth. Infotools worked closely with us to develop a technology-led solution, and we are excited to share the success of that project.”

The Color of Transformation takes a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that arise when moving traditional research models to the digital age, providing insights to help any size company. The case study covers:

  • Balancing challenges such as static budgets, diverse stakeholders, and the need to communicate across multiple geographies, languages, and cultures.
  • Meeting increased demands for cost-effective access to better, more profound insights by the application of technology.
  • Delivering value-added insights while catering to varying levels of brand-maturity and differing approaches to market research across 30+ geographies.
  • Creating a platform that would allow Orange to meet its goals for data analytics, access, reporting, and automation.

John Davis, Group Client Director for Infotools, said, “We worked as a team to enable faster, smarter decision-making and action-taking for a global company that has a very diverse set of stakeholders and a multitude of geographies. There are lessons here for any market researcher looking to create efficiencies and increase accessibility when it comes to consumer insights.”

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