Want new tech to speed access to consumer insights? See if it checks these 5 boxes

Our Global Client Director, Lena Cox, discusses what to look out for in your market research analysis software to keep up with consumer trends.

In this article for Insights Association, Lena Cox discusses the speed with which market research insights need to reach their stakeholders. Taking the rapid rise and fall of the fidget spinner as an example, Lena posits that if retailers had faster access to a more complete data picture, they wouldn't have been so late to the game.

For Lena, it's clear that we need to implement new technology for quicker access to insights. But in addition to ease of use and intuitiveness, what should that technology be capable of? Lena suggests market research analysis technology should do these three vital things:

  1. Integrate data from multiple sources
  2. Analyze the data
  3. Make the data widely available

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