We write for Research Live about balance when using AI

In our latest article for the Market Research Society’s Research Live blog and newsletter, our marketing lead, Michael Howard, writes about balancing the use of ChatGPT and generative AI with the human element of market research. By leveraging AI capabilities, researchers can (and will) definitely unlock new opportunities for engaging with data and gaining valuable insights. But, there is a cautionary tale here too: we can’t lose sight of the “heart of market research”, which Michael maintains will remain entirely human.

Technology plays a key role in freeing up the market researcher’s time to pursue more “human” centered activities, centered on empathy, curiosity and the like. AI is no different. Michael writes, “Our work is just aided by ChatGPT, just as other more mainstream technology or our team members aid us in doing our jobs every day.” The human touch remains crucial in interpreting and contextualizing data, ensuring that the insights are integrated with domain knowledge and researcher intuition.

Investing in technology of any kind, including AI, can be inherently risky. Security concerns, costs, learning curves and more can prove challenging. However, with AI, you can apply its algorithms to existing systems. AI tools “are not reliant on external expertise to train and implement across your business. The hope is to find the balance between getting the best out of both your people and your technology in a way that benefits your customers.”

He concludes the article with: “While the balance point between technology and human skills may be different for each company, AI can certainly amplify and enhance human strengths within market research. There is no doubt that job functions and necessary skills will shift, and the face of market research will change perceptibly. Yet, we can be sure of one thing: humans still matter in this equation.”

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