Becoming your future market researcher self with Arundati Dandapani

Keri Vermaak, our regional engagement director at Infotools, recently guest hosted our podcast, welcoming Arundati Dandapani, the founder of, on the show. is a social enterprise media platform and community that places North America's newcomers at the forefront of data insights and innovation globally. In addition to her role bringing the insights community together through her business, Arundati is also a professor of data analytics and insights at Humber College and has received many accolades and honors in the industry. The discussion on this episode covers various aspects related to market research, immigrant integration, and the evolving landscape of skills in the industry.


Arundati starts by sharing her favorite activities in Toronto, emphasizing the city's appeal for swimming, reading, attending conferences, and networking over coffee or meals with friends and colleagues. As always, we ask “what’s the most significant thing you’ll share with us today” and Arundati emphasized the importance of not fearing change in the field of market research, highlighting that market researchers shouldn't limit themselves by thinking of their identities as constraints. She acknowledged that adapting to changes, innovation, and disruption can be challenging but pointed out that the quality of insights and the talent available today are remarkable. During the podcast, she went on to share ways to maximize individual and collective potential.

The conversation delves into the significant changes happening in the market research field, with Arundati stressing the importance of embracing change and not fearing evolving identities or technological advancements. She discusses the cultural shock and disruption caused by innovation and offers insights into how market researchers should maximize their potential in this dynamic environment.

Arundati talks a bit more about, explaining that her passion for creating a platform for newcomers to Canada and North America led her to establish this community. She acknowledges the challenges faced by immigrants in finding opportunities commensurate with their skills and qualifications, especially when transitioning from low-skilled to high-skilled jobs.

The interview explores how skills required for success in market research have evolved over the years. Arundati mentions data interpretation, research communication, digital literacy, and the impact of privacy regulations on data handling. She emphasizes the need for a multidimensional approach to data and the importance of contextualizing research findings. The conversation touches on the unique aspects of the North American talent market, including the pace of digitization and in-house training opportunities. Arundati discusses the rise of micro-credentials and cross-functional skills as professionals adapt to changing industry demands.

On September 29, is hosting its bi-annual Virtual Insights Career Fair, which brings employers together with top talent in the insights sector. She says “It's our signature career gala that gathers newcomer talent, various employers, brands, and organizations at the forefront of business insights, innovation, and growth. You'll find people from various business programs and job seekers with different levels of experience, whether they're looking for a change, transitioning, or seeking new opportunities. This event is entirely virtual and accessible to a global audience…It's an exciting opportunity for everyone.”

They go on to discuss the significance of active engagement in the industry, networking, and giving back to the community. Arundati shares her plans for upcoming books, which will explore topics related to immigrant integration, future-proofing skills, and responsible technology frameworks, saying “I hope it adds to the body of knowledge and work and industry resources out there that can inspire other professionals as they grow and expand.”

In conclusion, the podcast emphasizes the value of staying adaptable in the market research industry, supporting newcomers, and continually enhancing skills. Arundati reinforces the fact that we don't need to be afraid of our identities and shouldn't confine ourselves to limiting boxes, being open to connecting with others and continuous learning. 


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