10 ways Harmoni can help you analyze and visualize your data faster

Do you struggle to find quality insights from your research surveys?  Here are ten ways the latest version of Harmoni will help you process, analyze, visualize, and share your insights faster.


1. Find stories and insights faster

Discover will assist you in finding patterns in your data automatically with smart algorithms and Bayesian statistics. Profile the groups that matter and easily compare them with others. 

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2. Personalize your data views

Global Filters are a unique and powerful top-level filter option to change your overall data displays. You can apply them at the project, view, story, or dashboard level. Personalize based on your user's permissions, location, or interests. 

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3. Stay focused on your target group

With Pinned Filters, you can apply a common filter to a Story to show a different market, brand, or KPI. When you're investigating a target group of interest, set it and forget it.

Learn more about Pinned Filters

4. Connect multiple data sources

Connect and harmonize your data from multiple sources in Harmoni.  You can Connect to Voxco, Decipher, Qualtrics XM and SQL, or import from Dimensions, SPSS, CSV, and Excel. 

Learn more about Data Sources


5. Create editable PPT exports

Export charts, tables, and dashboards directly to PowerPoint in an editable form, and customize further with themes. 

Learn more about PPT Exports


6. Auto-updating dashboards

When you add updated data to your Harmoni project, your Stories and Dashboards display the new data automatically. All Harmoni users with access will see updated visualizations immediately.

7. Smart Totals

Take granular control over bases and the calculation of totals. You can include everyone, just those who answered survey questions, just those who answered the current question, or only those who are part of your current analysis.

8. See significant differences clearly

At the click of a button, see which differences are statistically significant with color-coded direction indicators in both tables and charts.

9.Role-based personalization

Harmoni Creator, Explorer, and Viewer roles can be personalized so that every user experiences Harmoni in the way that best suits their needs.

10. Visualize results against targets

You can now set and display benchmarks in bar charts to quickly see how current results compare to a target.

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