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Get the most out of your market research investment.

With almost three decades of experience in the research industry, Infotools has experts who can help you:

  • Plan, set up and monitor your research program
  • Process and organize your data once it comes out of the field
  • Analyze your data to surface the key insights 
  • Optimize how you generate and share reports, visualizations, dashboards and insights

Data collection is the only part of the research process we don't undertake. But once you have your data, we can show you how to bring it to life in a way that delivers tangible value to your stakeholders.

We're here to help, whether you need a partner to get involved across your whole research program, need help with a few projects, or you're looking to become a power user of Harmoni, our powerful analysis platform.

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"Through our work with Infotools, we've improved our ability to deliver valuable insights that influence decision-making within our business. And we've definitely raised the profile of the Market Research team across the company."

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Research design and management

Extracting value from your research starts long before the sample is assembled, before a single question is asked, before a single piece of data is collected. It begins with a clear understanding of why you're doing the research, how the fieldwork will be conducted, how the outputs will be used and by whom, how frequently data will be collected, how you will ensure consistency and comparability across time and geographies, and so on.

A carefully planned approach that lays strong foundations from the beginning, coupled with careful oversight throughout the research process, will help you achieve better outcomes and protect your research investment. We have extensive experience with precisely this sort of planning and can help with things like:

  • Validating research methodology
  • Effective questionnaire design
  • Identifying and benchmarking KPIs for the successful execution of fieldwork
  • Highlighting and resolving issues with current fieldwork programs
  • Validating the processes used by your research partners
  • Checking data quality KPIs against industry benchmarks
  • Managing changes to questionnaires
  • Compliance management and troubleshooting
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Infotools Harmoni Dashboard Brand Tracking

Data design and organization

As someone who works with research data, you know that great analysis starts with beautifully designed data. And beautifully designed data begins with a clear understanding of how your data sources need to be integrated, harmonized, and organized, so they work harder for you.

At Infotools, we have particular expertise in this area. We can help scope your requirements so your data design and build is successful, avoiding costly re-work. We can also assist with bringing different data sources together and getting them into shape so they support your analysis requirements.

This data harmonization can include:

  • Applying meaningful and consistent labels across multiple research programs so you can run cross-study analysis—even if the research spans multiple geographies and periods
  • Applying headings that will sort the demographics from the equity and satisfaction measures
  • Creating grids to group questions together
  • Adding nets (including top / bottom box nets)
  • Applying values to ratings to facilitate averages
  • Creating multiple response variables
  • And much more

If you decide to add new or modified variables to any data sources, we can help ensure the appropriate design is applied, so your data sets continue to work seamlessly together.

Insights discovery, analysis, visualization, and reporting

Analysis and insights discovery is the most critical stage of the research process. It's where the rubber hits the road. It's where you, as a researcher, put your money where your mouth is. Because no amount of data is worth much if you can't discover and share the insights within.

We can help with things like:

  • Analyzing brand trends
  • Text analytics
  • Category deep dives
  • Media analysis
  • Brand portfolio analysis
  • Competitor and market positioning
  • User segmentation
  • Sales analysis

Or if you want to do your own analysis, we can help you optimize your delivery by assisting with things like:

  • Understanding your users and mapping their anticipated journeys through the data, which is critical to ensuring they have a positive experience and want to engage with your reporting system
  • Documenting the details of your reporting and dashboarding architecture
  • Designing and building templates for visually compelling reports, dashboards, landing pages, stories, etc
  • Building the required story and analysis views for each page in your reporting templates
  • Updating reports when you add new variables or need new content created

Delivering curated insights tailored to each stakeholder is how you get people to engage with the data, and getting them to engage with the data is how you deliver value to them.

Market Researcher Presenting Data Analysis
Infotools consulting and training

Consulting and training

There isn't much we haven't done when it comes to market research (except the actual data collection), so there isn't much we can't help with.

Perhaps some assistance with process optimization, sample reviews, data analysis, or project management. Or maybe you need an extra pair of hands during a busy period, or you're aiming to become a power user of Harmoni and need some coaching to get you there.

Whatever you need to help you get the most out of your market research investment, we would be delighted to assist—at your place, or remotely from one of our offices. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

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