Insights services & support

A highly experienced insights services team that can extract maximum value from MR data in the Harmoni platform, freeing up insights teams to dive even deeper into their data.


Skilled resources to increase your ROII

While exploring data may only be part of your daily responsibilities, our survey data experts deal with it day in and day out. They're incredibly efficient in setting up projects and solving complex shaping and integration challenges that are prevalent across the world. Your team is then free to focus its energy and curiosity on deeper data investigation and reporting.

Data shaping services

Our mentality of data analytics is positive: great in, great out. Our expert team centralizes and shapes complex data into the best possible state to produce accurate insights.

Data investigation services

Enjoying long-term insights careers, our knowledgeable services team work with decision makers to produce and deliver quantitative analyses that mine the depths of data for insights gold.

Data sharing services

We've worked with the world's leading brands for over 32 years. Our experience in distilling huge data sets into captivating stories and dashboards to support decisions is nearly unrivalled.

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On-call support to deal with complexities as they arise

Extracting value out of data is only getting harder. Our highly experienced support team are well versed in navigating the complexities and challenges that surface from time to time.


Samsung transforms its approach to consumer insights

In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, there’s no time to lose when it comes to understanding consumer behavior. That’s why Samsung knew it had to find a better, technology-driven way to speed up its time to insights.

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Looking to guide your insights team into an agile approach to generating insights?

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