Harmoni Academy

Harmoni Academy is an eLearning centre that provides in-depth training on our powerful market research analysis and reporting platform.

  • On-demand. Learn valuable skills whenever, wherever, and at a pace suitable for you.
  • Interactive. Experience multiple learning styles to enhance your training journey.
  • Empowering. Grow your confidence of the platform without relying on other people or tools. 
Harmoni Academy Benefits of eLearning

Harmoni Academy is accessible as soon as you have a license and is designed to help you get familiar with the platform faster. There are also other benefits, such as:

A scalable way to learn and get the most out of Harmoni, saving time and cost.

Lifts Harmoni utilization through on-demand, bite-sized, interactive content, on a range of devices.

A consistent learning experience with personalization options regardless of when and where you take the course.

Free up support and onboarding resources for those who really need it or for more advanced usage queries.  

"I have completed the course and I found it super helpful and entertaining! Every step is clear and the instructions and the videos helped me understand how everything works!"

Accessing Harmoni Academy

Harmoni Academy can be used by anyone with a creator or explorer license. While access to the eLearning platform is available through your Harmoni credentials, you will need to be given access.

To gain access, contact the Harmoni lead in your organization, your Infotools client service manager, or contact us here

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