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Infotools Harmoni is a fit-for-purpose market research platform that helps organizations distill complex data to better understand consumers.


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Over 32 years of helping organizations generate actionable insights by combining the scale and power of the Harmoni platform with the curiosity, intelligence, and domain expertise of insights teams.

Benefits our customers love about our insights platform

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Reduce the time taken to present meaningful insights to business leaders.

Combine multiple data sources to enrich your market research intelligence.

Automate and streamline key tasks to spend more time analyzing data.

Collaborate with confidence by presenting comprehensive and holistic insights.

"We use Harmoni to deliver valuable insights that influence decision-making across our business and we've definitely raised the profile of the Market Research team."

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Russell King

Director of Group Brand & Customer Experience Research

Brand and Advertising

Brand & advertising tracking

Monitor the health of your brands and the effectiveness of your advertising with Harmoni’s comprehensive set of time-series tools.

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Customer satisfaction

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers; what makes them happy and how to make them happier.

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Customer Satisfaction

Segmentation studies

Empower your business by revolutionizing your customer segmentation capabilities.

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Usage and attitude

Powerful Insights for when you need to see how you compare to the competition, in every way that matters to you. 

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Usage and attitude
Sales tracking

Sales tracking

Dive deeper by enriching your sales and transactional data with market survey data.

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Multi-level analysis and visualization

Discover insights and examine relationships between people, multiple occasions per person & multiple events per occasion. 

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Multi level analysis
How Harmoni is helping global insights teams


Bring your data sources together in Harmoni to form one usable set. Harmoni supports a wide range of survey and non-survey data sources and connects directly with your data collection platform.



Harmoni allows you to take an investigative approach to data analysis. Use Harmoni to easily and quickly discover things that differentiate groups in the data to see what makes them unique -  and much more.



When you bring your insights together, they tell a story. Create live pages or “stories” that give a complete picture of the insights you've uncovered, then save them for later use and share them with others.



Real value comes when you share your insights with key decision-makers.  Harmoni’s interactive dashboards are visually engaging, readily customized and seamlessly updated.


Working alongside industry leaders

Infotools is an active and passionate supporter of the market research industry, working alongside leading industry associations and publications.

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