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Integration for insights.

You’ve got research data. You’ve got numbers. You’ve got figures galore. What you need is a way to bring it all together so you can find the hidden treasures in your data. After all, isn't that why you got into market research?

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More "ah-ha" moments.

Infotools Harmoni is an intuitive software platform that lets you quickly and easily process, analyze and visualize your market research data, to consistently deliver the insights you need.

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Beautiful, sharable stories.

With Infotools Harmoni you spend less time preparing data, and more time asking questions and building understanding. Harmoni transforms your data into beautiful, sharable stories that deliver powerful insights.

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Right people, right time.

Use Infotools Harmoni to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Give them actionable insights that will help them make better decisions. They'll love you for it.


How Orange is changing their brand perception.

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Truly editable PowerPoint presentations.

Others promise it, Infotools Harmoni delivers it. Truly editable PowerPoint presentations. Write the story in your data, export it to PowerPoint, and then edit your charts, graphs and tables to your heart's content.

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Beautiful dashboards that keep your execs coming back.

Make sure the people who matter have your latest insights at the push of a button. Infotools Harmoni dashboards are visually compelling, easily customized and convey the up-to-the-minute value you and your team provide.

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Create compelling stories that encourage change.

Create compelling stories that enlighten and inspire action and decision-making.

Feed your curiosity.

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Knowing that we have a specialist team at Infotools that ensures the data quality and consistency across 90+ markets is crucial for us to fully trust this information and concentrate on the results and insights.

Senior Director
Global FMCG Manufacturer

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