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Empower your business by revolutionizing your customer segmentation capabilities.


Build your top audience groups with the right insights

Your audience is anything but homogenous, and you need to focus your efforts on the right segments. Profiling groups by size, demographics, financial potential or other characteristics can help you identify your most influential groups. You must also understand how your complex audience members feel and behave. Harmoni can help you uncover these insights to know exactly what to prioritize.


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Quickly find the most significant differences

When you can quickly view similarities and differences between key target groups, identifying the most interesting findings from your data is easy. Harmoni performs a series of statistical tests on your variables, comparing values from target groups with others, so the stories in data rise to the surface. Customizable views and beautiful visualizations focus on the data that matters the most, all in one view - without the manual searching and connecting.


A buyer's guide to survey analysis and visualization software

We've pulled together our 30 years of experience helping clients adopt market research software into this helpful guide for you. Discover:

  • How to decide what type of software might be the best fit
  • The risks and benefits of adopting new market research software
  • What to look out for when you're making your selection
  • Tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible

Download the guide

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Share visually engaging findings

You’ve spent a lot of time and money gathering your primary research data, and now you need to prove its value. The only way to effectively do this in today’s fast-paced ecosystem is to employ technology to help you. Harmoni allows you to quickly analyze and interact with the data, apply filters, generate insights and create stories. You can then share these insights via powerful, immersive reporting that is customizable and tells your stories in visually engaging forms.

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